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FTL MODA and Promperu Present the First Pavilion Dedicated to Luxury Peruvian Collections Ready for the North American Market. NEW YORK, Feb. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The newborn PeHModa project marks its second season at Coterie, NY, with an impactful pavilion, completely focused on ten luxury collections Made in Peru. THE PERUVIAN HUB AT FTL MODA NYC The Peruvian Hub at FTL MODA is a project created by the US-based producer with the collaboration and support of Promperu, an agency of the Peruvian government. PeHModa collections represented in NYC at FTL MODA Showroom (PRNewsfoto/FTL MODA) The Peruvian Hub at FTL MODA (PRNewsfoto/FTL MODA) Featuring the excellence...

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