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Step back. Look around. Breathe.

I find it difficult to settle, after I try doing it.  As a producer of New York Fashion Week for years, I find it almost impossible to settle for another season.

While the world is drowning in indifference…

While my neighbors get lost in the middle of verbal and physical violence….

While children are left to die from hunger and illness and we invest in making more junk food popular and trendy…

While disrespect for their elders continues to grow among the youth and disrespect from the elders affects the younger generations…

While integrity in business takes the semblance of a ‘trend-for-losers’…

While driving a truck over people becomes a way to protest…

Impossible. I try to breathe again.

It happens every time I need to make an important decision, when I need to make a bold move.  I try to feel settled again, for the necessary time, before butterflies in my stomach tell me it’s time to move forward, a little more, while my heart is squeezed with sadness for what is happening all around me.

So here I am, unsettled, with butterflies all over. I am falling in love again with our change, a change that matured inside my heart through the past few months, and that is now ripe.        A change that is now mandatory.

So I step back, I look around. I breathe. And I think back at FTL MODA’s accomplishments:

FTL MODA contributed to breaking some major stereotypes that have ruled the fashion and entertainment industry since its origins…

FTL opened the world runways to the first models with prosthetic limbs, models who are now on the cover of top magazines around the globe, and are regularly chosen for major label’s campaigns…

FTL brought the first  model with Down Syndrome to walk the NYFW runway, and she is now present in major broadcast shows worldwide…

FTL showed to the whole world the strength and beauty of a nineteen year old girl violently attacked with acid: her emotional disability was replaced by confidence and determination to become an advocate to fight for women’s rights in India…

FTL pioneered the introduction of Virtual Reality for high-level fashion presentations, leading the world toward new ways of interacting with collections through VR and high-performance graphic displays, thanks to its partnership with Samsung…

This was my dream when I started FTL MODA and it is now reinforced by the accomplishments we recorded: this is culture.

This is giving to the Fashion and Entertainment industry the responsibility to promote cultural exchange, elevating contents to meet fundamental values, and to uncover emotions, that we all, as human beings, have the responsibility to promote, to support, to pass along.

It’s time to bring all this to the people. To those people who write by the thousands, every year, to join our commitment.

To endorse our vision. To grow our strength. To propel our energy.

For this reason, FTL MODA, its producer, and all its team, announce #FashionStatement, a new concept to bring fashion to its role of being able to communicate culture, and respect for ethical values.

FTL MODA fell in love with Peru’, with the still genuine activity around the entire production of baby alpaca wool, with the women of Peru’ who process the precious wool by hand, to make threads that are as smooth and perfect as silk, while holding their babies in their traditional baby carriers, protecting them from the strong heat of the Sun.

We fell in love with a country able to meet standards of luxury in fashion design and production, without harming our planet, and while contributing to develop their culture at the international level.

We fell in love with designers who fuel their vision with respect for their traditions, for their origins, for their elderly women and men who share their unique know-how with dedication.

It’s time for a #FashionStatement

For the upcoming New York Fashion Week, YOU are summoned to be part of our movement, to embrace our protest, led with beauty, glam, style, sophistication, fun, and love.



11 AM -5 PM



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