DHALASHADAH – Happy Birthday Fllumaé

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DHALASHADAH – Happy Birthday Fllumaé

Fllumaé stands for confident and empowered women, that like to dress in an elegant and modern way. The Saidi sisters joined FTL Moda for a second season at NYFW. The Future of Fashion event brought their Birthday collection to live in virtual reality.

Especially in these days it is good to remember, what powerful and confident women with a vision can do. No matter what race, religion and shape – Fllumaé dresses women how they should be dressed.

FTL Moda interviewed the sisters one day before the event …

Congratulations, tomorrow Fllumaé will be 2 years old. Looking back, what are you most proud of?

Thank you so much, our biggest accomplishment would be making it to NYFW within one year of launching our brand, and getting so much support and a positive reaction.


Who of you had the idea and who of you did really say: Ok, let’s do it! ?
It’s always been something we all dreamed and talked about our whole lives, we had a mother who is the biggest Fashion icon for us and everything she wore inspired us, she had no rules when it came to fashion, everything she wore was custom made in Somalia and sometimes by us. We always made clothing for each other or for ourselves we would find different fabrics, and just create unique pieces with the help of our mom, she knew exactly what material she wanted or what colors she wanted to mix and even knew exactly how to style it.

Our community always asked where we shopped from but it was just a little secret amongst us that we actually made some of those pieces. We always tried to ignore our artistic abilities, and took more realistic paths in our career at least ones that we thought would make our Dad happy. Finally in January of 2015 we started talking about fashion over some coffee and that day we talked for hours not realizing it. Finally our oldest sister Lula, asked what if we started our own fashion line since we were all skilled in creating clothing. It took us only a few weeks to all be on the same page, and actually leave everything else we were doing. So on Feb. 14 2015 Fllumaé was born and it’s been the best decision we ever made.


What is new about this season’s collection? What inspired you?
This collection is very connected to us, emotionally our inspiration came from festivity, we didn’t know that we would be releasing it exactly on Fllumaé’s birthday because fashion week of course started on Feb. 9th and it continued till the 16th. Even though we didn’t know the exact date it’s still our birth month that we were releasing our collection so it was extremely special and emotion filled at the same time very festive. Being Somali Muslim designers we only knew one way to celebrate and that’s very gold, bold, and shiny, so that’s what we expressed through our designs. This collection is filled with bold colors and a lot of details and cuts. It kind of determines how we felt in the process of working on our pieces. So when we found out our show was on Feb. 14TH we felt extremely happy and blessed, we named our collection DHALASHADAH  meaning birth in Somali.


The mission of the brand is to empower women of all backgrounds? Who would you say is the ideal woman to dress?
So Fashion has no faith color or shape, we want to make all women feel their very best no matter what their story is, we want to motivate women through our designs, culture and story. We really want to evoke a new mindset and empower women from all backgrounds. Being Somali muslims designers, we know the struggle of feeling like you can’t relate to modern day fashion,  especially when your trying to dress modest. We want to bring something that the fashion industry lacks which is modest fashion, and modest fashion is not only for Muslim women, it’s for anyone who wants to feel powerful, confident and see the world differently. The ideal women to dress would be a, modern, fearless, powerful and, confident girl.


This is your second collaboration with FTL Moda. How do you feel about this event?
Working and collaborating with FTL Moda has honestly been, one of the best experiences. FTL Moda has set really high standards in the fashion industry. What we admire the most about working with FTL Moda is the inclusiveness and diversity in presenting Fashion. All events presented by FTL Moda are amazing. This show will be amazing, partnering up with Samsung and brining the first virtual reality runway show will be incredible. We absolutely love working with Ilaria and her talented team.


What does VR mean to you?
To us virtual reality means, being able to relive the past. You can have a recording of a video and live in that moment again by watching it through virtual reality.

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