Behind The Scenes with Limor Ben Yosef

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Behind The Scenes with Limor Ben Yosef

Limor Ben Yosef is one of the leading designers in Israel and famous for her spectacular wedding dresses. Inspired by independent and strong women, Limor creates stunning designs with pearls, diamonds and feminine details, that make a bride’s day unforgettable.

Limor Ben Yosef joined FTL Moda at the The Future of Fashion event during New York Fashion Week and showcased her latest collection in a unique 3D experience. We wanted to know more and interviewed her during the 360 Event.

Limor, could you tell us more about your collection?

This collection is called Goddess and is especially for strong and sexy women. I am tired to see all the dresses, that are regular – the princess-ones, that you see everywhere. So I did something special, something else. Everything here is handmade, custom made. Every detail, every pearl, every crystal – everything is made by hand.

How long does it take to make such a dress?

Days, not hours, days!

Are you doing everything by yourself?

I have my own showroom, my own studio and I have staff. Everybody does something else. I am the designer, but some of them do the cuts, some of them do the handmade details. Every single one of them has a part in the creating of dress.

Now, that we are here at the Samsung Space at the FTL Moda 360 event. How do you experience the virtual reality?

To connect with Samsung is great. I think this is the future, all the technology. It was an honor for me to collaborate with them – we are freaked with Samsung. In our house everything is Samsung: The phone, the fridge. This is really great, this is the future.

When are you starting to prepare your next collection?

Always, we are always working. It’s 24/7, thinking is also working. My head is full of designs.

How do you come up with all of the ideas?

Sometimes it is in the middle of the night. I wake up and start painting.

Do you have any celebrities, that are wearing your dresses?

Yes, in our country, in Israel. For example the Queen of Beauty of Israel.

Are you planning to dress some celebrities in the US?

I wish – yes, that’s my dream!

Today is a great day to show your collection…

Yes, it is Valentine. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for a wedding.

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